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For Liability reasons no one is allowed on the site, that has not signed up for a course with BlueSky Paragliding in advance.

 The land owners require signed waivers that must be and on file before anyone can be on the premises. Once you acquire your PG-2 license from our school, you can join the Blue Mountain Flying Club and fly on your own (with an observer).

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basic PARAGLIDING course using your equipment $1,875.00

Basic Course using our equipment $2,475 

This Package includes, 8-10 full days of training includingfull use of all equipment rental.

Typical class runs 6-8 hours, weather permitting. You will learn all the flying rules, Safety, Airspace restrictions, Reading the weather, Ground handling, Kiting and launch techniques. You will perform 25 spot landings. All flights are fully guided and under radio instruction with  your instructor. The final phase is your mountain launches.  You will be required to demonstrate your ability to fly and Land safely while preforming several maneuvers and land with precision very time.  

This class is designed for those who can basically only attend on weekends.

 Limit  6-8 pilots per day. 


Executive training course




$2,975 This course is designed for the  person that wants to get it done in the shortest amount of time possible. This 5-7 day course is more intensive. Includes all gear rental for the 7 days. Hands on training devoting a lot of one on one personalized instruction. Generally one gets a lot more air time. We limit the course to no more than 3 students. Once you've graduated you will receive your PG-2 certification.

Paramotoring course                                        



$2,950 for the completely new student. You will learn to fly a paraglider competently and achieve your PG-2 rating first. After achieving your license with us,  we will then teach you to fly with a Paramotor. We do not supply paramotors for training. These units are too valuable to let an unexperienced person practice with. We sell several brands or you can provide your own. 


Parajet Motors

Custom built to you specifications



Miniplane Top 80 PSF

Available in either the M (115cm prop) or L (125cm prop). An XL (135cm prop) is available for competition use.

Weight: 42 lbs.

$5200 complete



Colombia $1,725

  Flying in the smooth Colombian air makes it easier to progress as a pilot.  You'll learn all aspects of thermaling and going X-C . Once you demonstrate your ability to thermal with competence. Once you can stay with the group, You learn to fly to turn points and land at the Hotel . Learning this way greatly increases your flying skills and most PG-2 easily achieve there PG-3 rating. 

Your guide will review your flights daily, and make suggestions about your specific areas of improvement. 

Includes : Airport pickup, 6 days accommodations, daily briefing and guidance breakfast included.